Cloudflare is testing my patience.

Cloudflare is testing my patience.

I there, I use Cloudflare for some of my servers. I tried using the cache system but while it works, it also adds more time to the load of the page (TTFB *) so it didn’t work for me at least on most websites. But, I still use the DNS service which is available to use without cache. So I use it mainly for the DNS and only a few pages use the cache. Nothing wrong here.

(\) CloudFlare says that the TTFB delay is not a big issue. I think the opposite.*

However, recently I found the next problems:

  • Cloudflare affects somehow the content of some pages even when you are not caching it. How, and why? I don’t know but Google Bots shows me some nonexistent links that were generated by CloudFlare.

  • And now, somebody is using the IP of Cloudflare to probe one of my servers.

  • The IP is owned by CloudFlare

  • And my website does not use WordPress in any way and there is no file (or folded) with such a name. Also, there is no content or link to that file. I double-checked that.

So, what is going on with CloudFlare?

I don’t think CloudFlare is trying to hack my server and maybe somebody is using CloudFlare as some kind of proxy. But, since I don’t really know what is going on, then that IP of CloudFlare was banned from my system.

In any case, I think it is time to move out of CloudFlare.

Update: List of IPS banned so far.